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Watch Ankerpunkte an Gebäuden (DE)

Watch Ankerpunkte an Gebäuden (DE)

Ankerpunkte an Gebäuden (DE)

All 7 lectures of 2022 (DE/EN) • 44m

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  • Goals in tree care (EN)

    Do we want to cut off everything "imperfect" on old trees or can we also tolerate
    damage and defects?
    What is the goal in tree care?
    The new European Tree Pruning Standard - tree care between species and
    nature conservation, convenience and conscious action.
    A food for thought about the subjectiv...

  • Artificial fractures & Cooronet Cuts ...

    The simulation of natural fractures – The Why, When & How – Philosophy, Theory & Practice.
    This further study discusses the tolerance of pruning-stubs from natural an artificial breaks – along with coronet cuts – as an alternative to conventional pruning measures – to exceed the accepted ...

  • Double safety in tree care and elsew...

    A contribution that explains the different types of double safety, demonstrates their use live and finally takes a stand on the sense and nonsense of permanent redundancy in tree care.
    Belt an d braces are always better?
    Redundancies, back-ups and double safety in tree care and elsewhere;
    Where d...