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Watch Artificial fractures & Cooronet Cuts (EN)

Watch Artificial fractures & Cooronet Cuts (EN)

Artificial fractures & Cooronet Cuts (EN)

All 7 lectures of 2022 (DE/EN) • 43m

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    A contribution that explains the different types of double safety, demonstrates their use live and finally takes a stand on the sense and nonsense of permanent redundancy in tree care.
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  • Weak links in chainsaw lanyards (EN)

    Do these products provide what they promise?
    Chainsaw drops provide a connection between the climber's harness and the chainsaw. They are designed to keep the saw from falling off, but also feature a predetermined breaking point so that the strap will break if the load is too heavy.
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  • Accident Statistics 2020 (EN)

    A presentation of the current accident statistic during work with the rope climbing technique with examples of cases, documented by the German Health and Safety.
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