• Objectives in tree care (DE/EN)

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    Do we want to cut off everything that is “imperfect” on old trees or can we also tolerate damage and defects?
    What is the goal in tree care?
    The new European Tree Pruning Standard - tree care between species and
    Conservation, convenience and conscious action.
    A food for thought about the subjecti...

  • Artificial fractures & Coronet cuts (DE/EN)

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    The simulation of natural fractures – The Why, When & How – Philosophy, Theory
    & Practice
    This further study discusses the tolerance of pruning-stubs from natural an
    artificial breaks – along with coronet cuts – as an alternative to conventional
    pruning measures – to exceed the accepted compartme...

  • Accident Statistics 2020 (DE/EN)

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    A presentation of the current accident statistic during work with the rope climbing
    technique with examples of cases, documented by the German Health and Safety.
    The data presented here is intended to encourage discussion and reflection in
    order to increase the safety of climbers through empirica...

  • Establishing anchor points on buildings (DE/EN)

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    How can anchor points be created when a tree is not suitable for this purpose for reasons of traffic or work safety?

    This discussion presents systems with which a climber can secure himself, regardless of a tree. It helpfully weaves in the experience of experts in the rescue field and uses prac...

  • Double safety in tree care and elsewhere (DE/EN)

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    A contribution that explains the different types of double safety, demonstrates
    their use live and finally takes a stand on the sense and nonsense of
    permanent redundancy in tree care.
    Belt an d braces are always better?
    Redundancies, back-ups and double safety in tree care and elsewhere;
    Where d...

  • Passion before Fashion (DE/EN)

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    An analysis that finds out what really matters in tree climbing.
    It's a fallacy to think that you can learn to climb trees and work in tree care in a
    relatively short time.
    It takes a lot more time than to expect and it is a never-ending learning process.
    This contribution explains what tree clim...

  • Weak links in chainsaw lanyards (DE/EN)

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    Do these products provide what they promise?
    Chainsaw drops provide a connection between the climber's harness and the
    chainsaw. They are designed to keep the saw from falling off, but also feature a
    predetermined breaking point so that the strap will break if the load is too heavy.
    Strops from v...

  • All 7 lectures of 2022 (DE/EN)

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    When you buy this video bundle, you will receive all 7 lectures from the German Tree Care Days 2022:

    1. Objectives in tree care
    2. Artificial Fractures and Coronet Cuts
    3. SKT Accident Statistics 2020
    4. Double backup in tree care and elsewhere
    5. Passion before fashion
    6. Breaking points on cha...